NESU Finland Position of the Day: Corporate Relations

July 22, 2013By NESU FinlandBlog

My job included planning the corporate relations strategy in the fall and organising the Wappu Tour’s corporate necessities in the spring. I also took part in the meetings and helped everyone else with their tasks if I didn’t have a big project going on at the time.

Being responsible for corporate relations has been a lot of fun and even more so because corporate relations activities of NESU Finland are still quite in their infancy. This allows very creative thinking and planning and the chance to make concrete progress when there are no preset routines ready. Furthermore, I have really learned a lot during the year for example about selling. I have also made good connections when dealing with corporate representatives.

I hope the person taking over my spot has a great passion for corporate relations and will continue to develop NESU Finland’s corporate branch. Experience is not mandatory, courage and the right attitude are. If you have any questions regarding the post of corporate relations contact me on Facebook!

– Anna Alppinen

How To Apply:

You can state your interest in applying by posting a brief introduction of yourself (no longer than a regular status update) on the facebook page of NESU Finland: This way other members of NESU Finland have the chance to get to know you a little bit before the meeting!

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