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Summer, the time of the year when everyone has their own plans, and it’s hard to get a big group together. Or is it? The members of NESU-KY don’t forget each other even during the summer time, and that’s why we arranged the annual summer cottage trip during the second weekend of this month!



On the bright and sunny Saturday afternoon our bus was filled with people ready to have fun with NESU-KY members varying from the ancient old ones to “only-few-weeks-left-as-walruses” young ones of ‘013. The bus was full of chatter and it was no place for sleep (I tried – not happening!). After a while of travelling and a round of “who can make the ugliest face” we arrived at the cottage and were warmly welcomed by those who were already there making preparations.

As we are a part of NESU, we didn’t wander around for too long, but instead headed for the outdoor sitsi table. Our handsome toastmasters Niklas and Juho started the sitsi party in a very vacation-spirited way, and we were set for a party in good company, enjoying great food and good drinks. Laughter, singing and sounds of conversations filled the air. Even the weather was on our side, there was no cloud in sight! Nobody’s sure how long the sitsi party actually lasted, I’ve heard guesses from three to six hours, but we had a blast anyways.

At whatever time we were done with the last set, the sauna was already heated and impatient ones were almost swimming in the lake. The evening continued in high spirits into morning hours. It was a good weekend, and with this kind of company you can never go wrong. NESU-KY ‘013 would like to thank everyone who participated, it wouldn’t have been the same without you!

Text: Veera Soini

Photos: Roni Saroniemi


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