Last Friday my junior high group of friends met up for old times sake. People were exchanging stories about what’s currently going on in their lives. Since I just got back home from Finland a few days earlier the “what were you even doing there?” question was inevitable.
It didn’t really do me any good to tell a bunch of non business students that I was attending a NESU conference so further explanation was necessary. NESU stands for Nordic Economic Student Union and every year there are two conferences. This years spring conference took place in Turku at the Turku School of Economics. The theme was Professional Event Management and offered a chance to work with companies such as Lyyti, Slush, TapIn and the nightclub Showroom Turku.
Of course both the days and the nights had been thoroughly planned and the evening program was just as great as the day one. NESU Iceland isn’t really big, yet, and therefore we barely have any events here compared to the big groups in Finland. They throw a lot of Sitsi parties, something I had no idea what was until I was literally in the middle of one. Other stables of the evening programs are a night at a cabin, City Run, Nordic Evening and a gala dinner to top things off. I’m not allowed to give out any details or trade secrets, as mentioned in the last post. A really big part of making one’s first conference so special is definitely the element of surprise.
That week was one of the best ones in my life so far and there’s no way that this will be my only conference. To all the business students out there: I challenge you to check out NESU and everything it’s about. I have no problem admitting that I had my fair share of doubts about the entire thing even after we arrived in Finland. As soon as the conference started all my doubts immediately went away. If you like meeting new people, learning new things and having some insane fun then NESU is the thing for you!”
Thank you Anni Seiteri for the photos.