What an amazing NESU-spring we have had ‒ all together eight events of our own, which included
traditional sitzparties and some new experiments, and many more in other NESU-cities around Finland and
in Tallinn. NESU-TuKY board of 2017 kicked off the new year with the Kidsparty sitzparty, which was a huge
success and the first time our board got to arrange an event all by ourselves. In February, we joined forces
with TSE graduates and Turun Seudun Ekonomit at the traditional Patu sitzparty and threw a sitzparty for
NESU-TuKY alumni. To keep things interesting, in March we created a new concept called Excursion
sitzparty with TuKY’s Culture Society. Instead of a typical night at Parkki, we took a busload of people to
Paimio, a town near Turku, and threw a sitzparty there at a local bar. Along with the Excursion sitzparty, in
March we arranged the traditional Sitzbool and an ice hockey themed sitzparty with our colleagues at
Merkantila Klubben. At the end of the semester we celebrated Vappu at the Vappusitsit and threw a
sitzparty on the deck of the riverboat Donna. The Riverboat sitzparty was one of the most interesting
sitzparties of the year for the Finnish spring surprised us and we got to experience a snowfall during them.
But who are the people behind all this? Let me interduce you NESU-TuKY board of 2017. The leader of this
cheerful group of NESUits is Iines Pusa. She’s a second-year student, the former communications
coordinator of NESU-TuKY and the most experienced NESUit of the board. The rest of the team consists of
six enthusiastic freshmen. Atte Mäkinen is our hard-working vice chair and responsible for corporate
relations. Sofia Utriainen is the one with the head for figures and so our treasurer and secretary. As the
artistic director, Timi Lantela is responsible for the visual look of NESU-TuKY. Sandra Saranpää filled Iines’
former position and is now the one keeping in touch with other NESU-cities and promoting the events on
social media. Last but not least, we have a sitzteam, Heidi Kaasalainen and Saara Sahinoja, who plan and
carry out everything from food to decorations at our sitzparties.
In addition to countless sitzparties, NESU-TuKY took part in NESU-Dagen in Oulu and NESU Spring
Conference in Vaasa. We enjoyed ourselves enormously, got the meet new NESUits and experience the
unique NESU-spirit. It’s been a memorable and eventful year so far and we are eagerly looking forward to
the new semester and new events!

Have a great summer and see you all at the Ruissisitsit on Saturday 8th of July!