Hello all Nesuits!

The renovation of the Nesu.net has been long overdue and now when the summer is halfway through and the new NESU season is upon us the new Nesu.net has finally been published! Nesu Finland has been working with Uppie digital on the new site since February and the site is now finished! Reason for this update was to modernize and simplify the appearance and to create an easy to use platform for Nesuits and others to utilize.

All the contents of the new site have also been brought up to date and the personal sites of Nesu cities and countries have been updated with the help of their boards. But also the old blog posts were imported and published on the new site.

I would like to thank Teemu at the Uppie Digital, all the boards of Nesu cities and also the whole board of Nesu Finland for making this new website possible.

Have a great summer and we hope that we see as many of you as possible at the Nesu Finlands summer cottage in August.

Best regards

Oskari Lohivesi

Board of Nesu Finland ’17-18