Summer is here and it also means that soon it is time to choose new board for NESU Finland! Since last September I have been the country representative of Finland and also the chair of NESU Finland’s board. With this text I start a set of blog posts about our NESU Finland board.

My main tasks as the chair of the board have been the coordination of our board and arranging meetings for our board and also country meetings that are held four times a year for all the Finnish NESUits in every conference and also during Dagen and Kesämöksä -summer event. We as a board have renewed which has been the biggest project of the year. Also we renewed the rules of financial support for innovative projects which Finnish NESU organizations can get from NESU Finland. This led us to the situation where we got one application and decided to support NESU KY and NESU-SHS´s conference in Helsinki in March 2018 by paying a part of day programme’s prizes for the best teams to improve the participation and interest towards day programs in the conferences.

My main tasks as a country representative of Finland have been taking part to the meetings with other country reps and planning the future of NESU for each member country and also for new countries. This has given me a good sight about NESU as a whole.

Being part of NESU has been an important part of my time in the university and this year has opened my eyes even more about the importance of this union. As a chair of the NESU Finland board and the country rep of Finlanf you get to see the state of NESU in Finland very well and also you understand the importance of other countries better. The best event during my time in NESU Finland board has definitely been Wappurundi in April 2018, where I was honoured to help organizing the event with other board members and especially Olga, our project lady. Those three days in three cities and in the bus where amazing and reminded me yet again why I enjoy being part of this union so much.

The application period for new NESU Finland board members starts 15th of July, so if you are interested to hear more about NESU Finland board or you are wondering about applying to be the next chair of the NESU Finland board feel free to contact me and I’m more than happy to tell you more about this position!

-Noora Finne