Stories About NESU – Jan Käärik

My NESU story began during the fall of 2013 when I started my studies at the Oulu University. I moved to Oulu from Helsinki and my initial idea was to move close to our campus and get my degree done as quick as possible, little that I knew. During our orientation week we had a presentation about NESU held by NESU-Finanssi. At first, I thought that this is once again one of those frustrating infos which the University held during that week but for my surprise the info was held by our students who wore overalls and yellow NESU-Finanssi shirts. This presentation was my first touch with NESU and it took my focus away from graduating as soon as possible to becoming an active member of NESU. Everything what was said during that presentation interested me and part of it I experienced the same night when we had our first NESU sits party. I was instantly hooked.

At the end of the fall 2013 the natural next step for me was to apply for NESU-Finanssi committee for the year 2014. Well, I got elected in our committee and the rest is history. The spark I had for NESU bursted into flames. The year started kind of roughly, since I was appointed to be our graphics responsible. I don’t have anything against graphics designers, quite the opposite, the problem was that I could barely draw a stick man and now I had to design all our badges and the visual look. But at the end, everything turned around nicely. After quick negotiation sessions with our chair and committee I became in charge of our company relations. One year at NESU-Finanssi wasn’t enough and I continued my NESU journey in 2015 as a chairman of NESU-Finanssi and in 2016 as a part of our NESU Autumn Conference organizing team.

My NESU years have contained many different stories, some crazier than others and some of those stories might still be found on YouTube and other social media, but some of them will stay only in my memories. I have two specific memories which stand out and one of them is definitely NESU summer cottage in Tampere in 2014. I don’t even know why it exactly stands out, there might be several reasons for that. Two of the three toastmasters had already graduated and I saw that NESU could stay in your life even though you have already graduated. The first “saken” which I heard took place at that summer cottage. By the way, a huge shout out to NESU-Boomi for getting that. I still think that it was the best performance which I have ever seen, for some reason it just got me. Or the huge amount of wasps at the summer cottage place. All the same, definitely one of my favorite weekends in my life. My second memory which stands out was NESU Autumn Conference in 2016 which was held in Oulu. I was lucky enough to be a part of the organizing team and the whole week was really special to me. Before the conference we had our problems and there were a few days when we thought that we couldn’t pull it off. But at the end everything just clicked, and that week was really memorable for me. I learned to never give up, even though something might seem unreachable.

NESU has meant quite a lot for me during my studies. I couldn’t explain it better than Kristian explained in his blog. The feeling of belonging in the community and being around of similar-minded people is the best thing about NESU. Establishing new connections within NESU community has been really easy for me because of those two elements. I have gained a lot of new friends thanks to NESU. Without it, those friendships would never have happened, at least not in that magnitude. Even though most of these friends have already graduated or they are at their final steps of their studies and we don’t see each other as often as we used to, these friendships still last and when we every now and then catch up the story continues as if time had never passed. In my opinion, NESU is definitely the best way to create yourself a huge network during your studying period.

Even though I haven’t been as active as I used to be in the NESU events and I’m graduating in a few months, I will always cherish my memories I have gained through NESU. Also, my NESU spirit will never fade away, so if I’ll hear “samling” around some railway station etc., you can bet I’ll join the party! 😉

Keep creating those networks and keep on singing!

Jan ”Jancker” Käärik

NESU-Finanssi 2014, 2015

Chief Logistic Specialist at NESU Autumn Conference 2016