Hello fellow NESU people!

Once again it is time for a new post in here. Now you get to hear how this new year has started in the so called “Wolf Border” in Joensuu. As soon as we elected our new board, we needed to rush with our first sits, Pre-Dagen “Funny Hats” -sits. It was quite a challenge to organize them so fast. Especially because none of us had been in NESU before, but finally when the day came the sits were a great success. We had more guests from other cities than ever before, if you don’t count NESU-Dagens. Well the day had its crazy stories with one hero coming to the party from Kuopio by taxi and one guest waking up from the sits place at three o’clock. Great thanks for all participants because you made it so wonderful!

From there the week continued naturally to Kuopio and NESU-Preemio’s NESU-Dagens. What a amazing start for the year and thanks for NESU-Peemio for organizing it to be so great again!

In Joensuu we are very excited about going to NESU Spring Conference next Monday. Even though that is coming soon we have had to start planning ours next sits party. Optimi ry is having the 17th Grand Annual Ball at the end of march so we have once again a sits party during the same week. As the theme, we chose to have “Ari” so you can use any word including “ari” in choosing your suit. We are having new plans for those sits, so come and see what we will scheme for you!

Of course there is a long spring ahead with a lot of events to come. Wyky days, vappurundi and the great vappu itself. But still We’re feeling the warmer moths already. Ah summer, festivals and swimming all the time. Only thing that there isn’t enough during summer is NESU, if you ask us. That being said, We are so excited to tell that this year we too will have a summer sits party! As some might know there is Ilosaarirock festivals at Joensuu and we are proud to start here too tradition to organize a sits party in the middle of that weekend.

We have big shoes to fill due the activity of NESU-Optimi exploded last year. Last board did a lot of good work and our freshman are incredibly active at NESU. Even though we are small and far away we are still full of NESU spirit!

Yours truly,

NESU-Optimi ‘19