Stories about NESU: Juulia Järvinen

Hi all! My name is Juulia and I’m here to tell you a short story about my journey with NESU.

It all started when I first begin my studies as a freshman in year 2017 in Vaasa. Throughout the freshmen-events I heard rumors about this legendary freshmen-event called ‘’Harkkasitsit’’. I didn’t know yet what NESU really was, but I decided I had to get a ticket to that event. The evening before the ticket sale me and my friends gathered our sleeping bags, prepared some snacks and head in the yard of our university to begin to wait in that queue the whole night. I had some doubts about how we would survive the cold autumn-night, but everything went great and it turned out to be an unforgettable night. Already in that queue I made a lot of new friends, and in that moment I also realized NESU is something worth being part of.

Finally, after a long wait the day of ‘’Harkkasitst’’ arrived. It was as legendary and amazing as I had heard rumors of, and I still think that night is one of my favourite memories with NESU. Luckily one already experienced Nesuit sat next to me in that sitz-party, which made my first sitz-experience even better. Since that day I have participated in over 70 sitz-parties and four conferences, visited almost every NESU-city and made life-long memories and friends. I’ve had the time of my life in Kesämöksä, Dagenit and Wappurundi and spent an unique year in NESU-Waasa’s board of 2018.

I think one of the great things in NESU is that every new freshman is welcomed to our union with open arms. I remember my first ever sitz-party, my first ulkkarisitz-party, first semma, first NESU-Dagen and so on. In every event there has been someone who has shown example and offered help when needed. When I started as a member of NESU-Waasa’s board I wanted to spread the joy of NESU and be approachable for our freshmen, and also other citie’s freshmen, by for example participating in different NESU-cities freshmen sitz-parties.

The next spring conference will be held in Vaasa and I have together with my awesome friend Julia the honor to be the head organizers of that conference. I remember us saying (not too serious though) in our first conference in Helsinki that if semma comes to Vaasa during our study-times we don’t have a choice but to apply for head organizers. I couldn’t be more excited that we got chosen and we were able to form an excellent organizing team. Last week we had the first meeting together with the entire organizing team, and I can’t wait to organize this event with them.

This union is truly one-of-a-kind and I can’t overemphasize the greatness of NESU. My first three years of studies would have been a lot different if it wasn’t for NESU. Without NESU I wouldn’t have travelled through Finland singing Helan går, never would have ran in my overalls all around Reykjavik, never would have gone to a sitz-party in the middle of Ruisrock, and the list goes on. To be cliché, I never would have had so many unforgettable moments or made these life-long friends. Without NESU I also might have accomplished more courses or achieved better grades, but not for all the money in the world would I change anything.

I also love the fact that whenever you go to any student event, anywhere, at any time, you always meet Nesuits there, because we are active people. We want to participate in different kind of events and enjoy our student life to its fullest. I’m glad that my career in NESU is not yet over and I’m super excited for all the upcoming events. I hope to see many of you in Kesämöksä and in autumn in different events! Because this spring we didn’t have as many NESU events as we would have hoped for, I think we are more than ready to participate in many events with a huge enthusiasm during autumn. And of course our conference is going to be LIT so I hope many of you will apply.

P.s. It was almost impossible to choose the pictures here, so a free tip for all of you who are missing NESU events, scroll through your camera roll and stop at every picture taken in a NESU event.

-Juulia Järvinen, NESU-Waasa