The MPV (Most Valuable Player) is a decoration that is granted by NESU Finland to a person who has somehow shown significant contribution to development of NESU as an organization.

Granting criteria
The MVP decoration can be granted to NESU members who;

  • Have actively participated in NESU activities for at least two years. (Generally, the MVP decoration is granted to honor long-term commitment to NESU)
  • Have shown real interest and enthusiasm towards NESU.
  • Have actively contributed in creating positive NESU spirit and sharing the NESU happiness forwards within one’s own city as well as elsewhere.

Granting the MVP decoration
The MVP decorations are distributed at NESU Finland’s summer cottage once a year. If the MVP decoration is granted to a person who is not able to attend the summer cottage at that time, it will be delivered at the very next sitsi party where that person is present. No limit has been set to amount of MVP decorations that can be granted each year. The NESU Finland board will grant as many decorations as it considers deserved.

Suggest MVP candidates
Email your suggestions to with the following information:

  • Name of the candidate
  • Which NESU organization has he/she been a part of?
  • Why should this person be granted the MVP decoration?