Greetings my friends old and new!

It has been a while since we last updated our blog, but now that we have a little bit more free time (as if!) it has come time for me to introduce myself and maybe shed some light on what’s been happening in NESU in the past month or so. So bear with me for a moment and read along!

So who is Hannes Ehgartner? He’s a man who considers visiting all the active NESU-cities his biggest accomplishment to date. Other things I am proud of are getting Joonatan Lintala’s official seal of approval and being part of the awesome team that organized the Helsinki Spring Conference 2014. I was raised in the caring hands of the NESU-KY community, this now being my third year of studies and also ‘nesuing’ around. In the board of NESU Finland I’m responsible for intercity relations and I’m also the vice chairman. This means that I try to stay updated on all the affairs happening in different NESU-cities and organizations, and trying to give my aid to any city in need of it. Most of my time I spend trying to figure out how to get the events in Finland running as smooth as possible, without them overlapping each other. It can be quite a hassle with 13 different organizations!

Exactly one month ago a certain plane landed in Helsinki-Vantaa airport. That certain plane was carrying a very precious ‘cargo’. The plane was filled with nesuits from all over Finland coming back from the week-long Autumn Conference in Iceland. A week that most of us participants will remember after years and years. A week that consisted of case-workshops with start-ups. A week that left us in awe after seeing the geysirs. A week that made every visitor in the Blue Lagoon wonder what the word ‘samling’ means and who the heck is the shoemaker Mr. Schumacher!? I want to thank all the people who made this week so awesome, and especially the organizers who made the week happen in the first place! Hopefully the next conference in Turku can live up to this benchmark and offer us something even more epic!

After the conference week there is a thing called ‘the conference sadness’, which is a phenomenon caused by the lack of nesuits in your life, since everyone has gone back to their home cities and countries. However, being in the board of NESU Finland, we didn’t have time for that! We did what I call the Barney Stinson: ‘When I feel sad, I stop being sad and organize the Itä-Suomen rundi instead!” So on the 18th of November nesuits from all over Finland met in the city of Lappeenranta for the first sitsiparty of three consecutive sitsiparties that were part of the Eastern Finland trip. The idea is to visit three different sitsiparties in three different cities, traveling by bus. The trip included a pit stop at the legendary Lake Vergi, where we even saw a small waterfall! The Finnish nature really leaves me in awe from time to time. For me the trip ended at 9 am in Kuopio, but I heard rumors about some nesuits making it to Oulu as a little bonus on top of the trip! Hopefully you all had as good a time as me, and I hope to see you all again soon!

Hannes Ehgartner,
Vice chairman and intercity relations
PS. If this blog got you wondering what conferences are all about, go and check out the official conference web site:!