This is NESU Tallinn’s first blog post so a little recap on what we do might be in order. NESU has been influencing in Tallinn since 2010, and we bring together business students from Tallinn University of Technology and Estonian Business School. We have been growing as an organization for couple of years now, and we have a lot of wonderful active members helping us out! We organize 3 or 4 sits parties a year and we work very closely with other student associations in Tallinn. This year, we got couple of new kinds of events: a company visit to Sori Brewing and Beer Challenge during our Freshers’ Week. Both events were a big hit!

This year was a little different in Tallinn: we organized NESU Autumn Conference 2017 together with Lappeenranta. The conference made our students in Tallinn more interested in what NESU actually does and we just chose a new board for the year 2018, and they are all very eager to develop NESU Tallinn, yay! You will definitely hear from us in the future.


Iida, Chairman of NESU Tallinn 2017