The Organising team for NESU Spring Conference 2014 has been selected recently. The Spring Conference of 2014 is this time organised in Helsinki jointly by NESU-KY and NESU-SHS. During the coming months the team has the challenging task of organising yet another fantastically legendary NESU Conference.
The main function of NESU is to organize semi-annual conferences in some Nordic university city. Every spring and autumn, NESU-members from different Nordic countries gather to spend a week together and participate in different activities. Conferences play a very important role in enhancing the inter-Nordic relations of NESU-members and in supporting networking and co-operation.

Anna Alppinen

Head Organiser

Ilkka Vertanen

Head Organiser

Erik Hausen 

Public Relations, Corporate Relations

Joni Lehtelä

Corporate Relations, Day Programme

Noora Ottela 

Corporate Relations, Day Programme 

Salomon Schubak 

Day Programme

Ville Virkkala 

Logistics & Accommodation

Hannes Ehgartner 

Rural Retreat, Herring Breakfast 

Kati Saarinen 

Grand Gala

Olli Hopeasaari 

Recreational and Social Activities

Petri Harvala 

Recreational and Social Activities

Tii Pylvänäinen

Nordic Evening,
Recreational and Social Activities

Hilla Parkkinen

Finances & Budgeting