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NESU-KY kicked off its May Day aka Vappu celebrations on the 22nd of April by throwing the first of three sits parties that together form the legendary Vappurundi, organized by NESU Finland. The party was a great start to season with amazing performances by both attendees and the talented KY-Speksi Band. Although toasts Henri, Tommi and Suvi threatened guests with red cards, no punishments were needed. A quick clean up and brief after-party, and we were off to conquer Tampere and Vaasa!

After giving Rundi participants the weekend to recover, NESU-KY ‘013 headed back to the basement to prepare more streamers and blow more balloons. KY’s Vappu festivities began on the 30th of April when hundreds of students stormed the street outside the KY building for NESU-KY’s annual Vappu Terrace. Upbeat music, an abundance of food and drink and champagne corks flying around left no room for doubt regarding the occasion. 

(Oh, and, of course there was the massive “VAPPU”-sign hanging 10 meters off the ground.)

Just over an hour into the celebrations the street was closed from traffic and sofas moved further out into the lanes. Four hours whizzed by in a blur of bubbly, but the Cultural Committee, KUVA, was responsible for ensuring the party didn’t stop for another twenty-four hours. After making our way to the Havis Amanda-statue and watching Hanken triumphantly place the student cap on Manta’s head, KY students were invited to spend the rest of the night celebrating Vappu in true KY style at Kaivohuone.

Having danced until the early hours, NESU-KY ‘013 headed to Kaivopuisto at the break of dawn to claim our spot on the grass and pitch our tent before others arrived for this traditional May 1st picnic. For debatable reasons, pitching our tent turned out to be more challenging than anticipated. However, two hours later the tent was secured and ready to provide shelter from the scorching sun. As the sun rose and people of all ages started to roll in, our spirits were also lifted as NESU-KY’s tent began to draw visitors in search of punch and pyttipannu, as well as crepes prepared by our chairman, Henri.

The picnic was the perfect conclusion to NESU-KY ‘013’s spring term festivities and tents were packed away in bittersweet, albeit somewhat relieved silence. 

NESU-KY ‘013 would like to thank everyone who took part in any of our events this spring and look forward to seeing you next fall!

Text: Liisa Helle
Photos: Julia Hämäläinen, Katja Toropainen, Roni Saroniemi, Veera Soini, Viljami Väisänen

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