Oh, has it been almost a year already? Certainly, doesn’t feel like that.


My time as the chairman and country representative of NESU Finland for the past 10 months has been a fun ride with its own challenges but also a very rewarding journey. I have learnt more about our organization and the union and fallen in love with this community even more. I have improved skills in time management and keeping things in order. Also, believe it or not, I have never been too confident speaking in front of a lot of people, but this year has helped me get better at it.


But none of this would have been half as fun or rewarding without my board members who I have the privilege to call my close friends. The drive all of them have for making NESU as great as it can be is something I’m grateful for having witnessed. It is the best team I could have hoped for. And as we are giving shout outs, I must name my predecessor Kosti as one of the main supporting forces I had during the year. No matter what it was about, being able to reach out and not have to figure out everything alone has made my job a lot easier, so thank you. And don’t think for a second I am done with asking for your help!


One of my favourite things this year was seeing how the new freshmen fell in love with NESU. And I know it happens every year, but somehow especially this year we’ve seen many active newcomers in the conferences and sits parties. I wish you will keep up the same spirit next year, even though we could not have the kind of NESU-filled spring we hoped for. And I wish we will see the same kind of enthusiasm with the upcoming freshmen, so let’s make sure they find our community too!


Need more reasons why I think applying for the board of NESU Finland was the right choice? I’m starting my fifth year of studies this fall, and if I look back, my life would have been very different without NESU being a part of it. The countless fun memories and lifelong friends are something I would never trade for anything, and I have a feeling I am not the only one. Being able to help the Finnish organization and develop our union was exactly what I wanted to give back to this community. If you have similar feelings, this year could be your chance.


I can promise it is worth it.


– Maija Saari, Chairman and Country Representative of NESU Finland ‘19-‘20.