“Oh, those were the days!”, I can imagine myself cry when I am sitting in a wheelchair as a 100-year-old alumna-NESUit.

It’s always easy to look back and analyse the things and situations afterwards. Now, as I am writing this post, I don’t feel like this year in the board of NESU Finland has truly passed. We still have 1 month left before the new board is chosen! And I’m going to enjoy it to the fullest.

My decision to apply for the board was not easy since I thought it for three months and even the day before the country meeting I wasn’t sure if I would stand up when Kosti Hokkanen asks if someone still wants to stand as a candidate for the board. I took the chance, and I couldn’t be happier! This year has been all about learning new things (about WordPress, about planning, about NESU), managing my time and of course, COMMUNICATING. I’ve had a warm atmosphere in the board, and I’ve had the chance to be in touch with the amazing NESU communication coordinators from all over the Finland, Estonia and Iceland. I’ve tackled my fear of writing in English and today it’s not so scary to make little errors in the writing.

Because everyone does. This year I’ve also learned how to lean on others when thinking something through together. We are not supposed to “do ok” alone, when we can do great together. It has taken a lot of self-growth and sleepless nights, but I’ve learned. I’ve been inspired by numerous things, such as NESU Suomenlahti sitzparty, where NESU-KY, NESU-SHS, NESU Estonia and NESU-HEBS combined their forces and created a night to remember. I’ve been inspired by NESU-Enklaavi that travelled to Joensuu to take part to NESU-Optimi’s Röi-sitz and showed wonderful togetherness. I’ve been inspired by Kosti Hokkanen, Pyry Mustajärvi and Tia Rahkila for they have continued to give us support and take part to NESU events after their year in the board of NESU Finland. I’ve been inspired to see different NESU-organizations create new ideas and concepts throughout the year. I’ve been inspired by seeing so many eager NESUits taking part to conferences, sitz parties and spontaneous events during the years of 2019 and 2020. And finally, I’ve smiled from ear to ear and been so happy to be a part of this community as NESU-organizations have arranged events online during the social distancing period in the spring of 2020. We may have not been able to hug each other and sing My Heart Will Go On, but we’ve definitely kept the spirit up!

So thank you NESU, for making this year a year to remember. Keep inspiring yourselves and others and don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand.

-Heidi Riihimäki, the head of communications of NESU Finland 19-20