2021 is here and so are the new NESU-Heroes (= boards)! Welcome to the Vennebok series (originating from the Book of Friends series), which will create a perfect guide for each organization’s new faces and preferences, which you can use as an inspiration for new quarantine activities or simply to learn the new names before we get to physically celebrate NESU-life again.

Let’s enjoy what the final set of four have revealed about themselves!

Ready, set, spill the tea!


Who are you: NESU-Finanssi (2021)! <3

How old are you: Turning 12 this year

Favourite hobby: Networking

Favourite colour: 10 000 mark violet 

Favourite dish: Who doesn’t love a good pizza, it’s easy and you can eat it even when it’s cold 😀 – majokänkky is the best one!

When we grow up: We’d like to be a likeminded group of people building a vast network between economics students in Oulu, Finland and abroad.

Looking forward to: Our first remote sits party in March!

Our trick to surviving the exceptional times: Playing board games in small groups and having remote play nights. 

Greetings to the owner: We hope to see you all at our sits party and soon in real life as well



Who are you: NESU-Probba ’21

How old are you: 10

Favorite hobby: Karaoke

Favorite color: Dollar green 

Favorite dish on the sitz-menu: Vergi! (if this isn’t appropriate for a dish then honestly any food goes!!)

What do we want to be when we grow up: We want to be forever young!

What are you looking forward to: Sits and even longer sips

Our trick to surviving through exceptional times: Staying connected with friends and coming up with things to do together either in real life or online

Greetings to the owner of this book: Muistakaa ryypätä!



Who are you:

Meet our team! We are the board of NESU-Jyväskylä 2021!

           From top row, left to right: #21 Salla #21 Sami #21 Joona (A)

           From bottom row: left to right: #21 Leevi #21 Salla #21 Petteri (C)

How old are you: NESU-Jyväskylä was founded in 2013. Previously NESU-Jyväskylä was called NESU-Pörssi but in 2013 NESU-Pörssi joined forces with Information Technology students and tha’s how NESU-Jyväskylä was born.

What is your favorite hobby? Pussikaljaing in Kirkkopuisto.

 Favourite color: We obviously have two favorite colors. Burgundy and white: the colors of the civil war but these colors won’t divide us, instead we are united as one.

Favorite dish on the Sitz-menu: We eat according to the food model; one fourth is made of cold drinks, one fourth of singing loud and clear, and the final half of good friends that accompany us.

What do you want to be When you grow up: Bold of you to assume that we would grow up.

What are you looking forward to: Seeing all of our fellow nesuits when the time is right.

Your trick to surviving through the exceptional times: BIG WET

Greetings to the owner to this book: To Matti’s memory, when in Jyväskylä: order a double cheese pizza in Pasargad and enjoy your stay. PS.  Beware of the considerable humanist population that lives here among us.



Who are you: Lovely nesuits from Iceland!

How old are you: Well, age is just a number and we are not an active board….so 0.

What is your favorite hobby: When we are not saving up money for the conference week we like to gather a few of the Icelandic nesuits and have a beer or 10.

Favorite color: Reyka clear

Favorite dish on the Sitz-menu: Impossible to choose

What do you want to be when you grow up: Maybe an active board…. But most definitely bigger, better, faster, stronger. The pandemic has been getting in our way for a year now but you just wait.

Your trick to surviving through the exceptional times: Just keep calm and wash your hands, þetta reddast!!

Greetings to the owner of this book: Sending the biggest virtual hug possible! Hope to see you soon!!


We are now done with Venneboks and oh wow, they have indees made our days better! Fantastic new NESU-Boards once again, great to meet you all!

This is the end for Vennebok series but no worries, we will see these nesuits soon here in the blog again!