BONUS: Vennebok by NESU-President

Hello dear nesuits!

2020 has been a struggle for at least all of us, but luckily, certain things remain from year to year no matter what.

Regarding NESU-life, one of these things is electing the new NESU-President in Autumn Union Meeting organized during the NESU Autumn Conference. Last autumn (2020), Noora Tiainen was the one to stand up for the role and now, we are all eager to learn more about the new Head nesuit and hear what she has to say for our dear Union.

We have two things prepared for you:

  1. Go check Noora’s greetings in a form of ”A word from the President” under the Nordic Affairs section on (
  2. See Noora’s answers for our series Vennebok below ->



Who are you: The President of NESU for 2020-2021.

President’s main tasks include taking care of the Union relations between NESU countries, tying new ones, and giving support for NESU Conference organizing teams. Did you know that today NESU Union countries are Iceland, Estonia, and Finland, but NESU has existed also in Denmark?


How many NESU Presidents there have been?: There have been over twenty NESU Presidents before me. No one knows the exact number, but one of them has been Iceland’s prime minister.

What is your favourite hobby: No room for hobbies. NESU is a lifestyle. All in.

Favourite color: Very many: 10 000 mark violet, Boomi-Blue, Burgundy and white, Dollar green x2, HEBS-Blue, Neon yellow brighter than my future, Porky-Blue, Preemio Burgundy, Reyka clear, SHS and SSHV white, The only orange range, THE orange, TuKY-gold, and Waasa red.

Favorite dish on the Sitz-menu: I really enjoyed dry noodles and spices in 2018 in Tallinn.

What do you want to be when you grow up: Sorry, I won’t grow up.

But NESU will grow big and include Denmark +Faroe Islands, Norwegian, and Sweden in addition to Iceland, Estonia, and Finland. 😇

What are you looking forward to: Online NESU-Dagen is almost here!

Your trick to surviving through the exceptional times? Don’t think what you can’t do. Think about what you can do!

Greetings to the owner of this book: We will meet sooner or later!!!


Lots of love and huge support for our President – thank you for being in a major role in taking NESU through these tough times <3

We shall see you, readers, soon again here in the blog. Stay tuned for more surprises and content during the spring!


NESU-Finland (The Owner Of The Book)