Besides melting snow and singing birds, one of the most obvious signs of spring had finally arrived after Easter – the traditional Wappu tour. This year, the tour consisted of four sitsi parties held on April 23rd – 26th. Since the tour was longer and more hard-core than previous years, there might have been some doubts that it’s not possible to have a really good time so many days. However, the concerns were totally pointless as the atmosphere was amazing every day. Instead, a group of brave NESUits had even longer tour than just four days.

On Wednesday, the tour begun in Helsinki with Cosmopolitan-style sitsi party organized by NESU-SHS. The venue was Casa Academica which had become familiar to several NESUits as the Nordic Evening sitsi party was held there earlier this spring. Conspicuous news was heard already before the sitsi as Hanken had removed the sitsi posters from the school premises as being “too sexist”. Nevertheless, this didn’t bother the participants as the feeling was cozy when we had the possibility to meet again old friends and get new ones. The beautiful NESUits continued partying until the end, as it is usual in Hanken style.

On Thursday, the bus drove us to Tampere, where NESU-Boomi organized the biggest (and perhaps also the best) sitsi party in “Manse” ever. The organizers had done really good job with the preparations and the sitsi venue in Messukylä did suit well. The theme of the sitsi party was “Dreams” and less surprisingly, Turku had a proggis in which everyone presented “Santeri of Dreams” who wasn’t present there. The official after party was a big overall party at Tivoli but since there were long lines to both to the entrance and to the bar, there were people also heading for Sorin Klubi – only a couple of weeks before Boomi had their last party there.

The trip continued further to the Western coast on Friday as we travelled towards Vaasa. Luckily, the weather became even warmer and we could really relax in the sun and enjoy the wonderful student life. Of course, we stopped on our way to give honour for the factory of Koskenkorva. The theme was “The Hangover” but hangover was not the first word coming to mind when seeing people giving their best in the awesome ambiance. The legendary Wappu sitsi party in Vaasa met the expectations again this year. After that, NESUits gathered around the market square of Vaasa to dance Anima Libera. The after party was also a notable occasion as it was a part of Neverland-festival.

However, this wasn’t all. Saturday consisted of the longest road trip as we headed up north. This was the second time that Oulu hosted sitsi party in Wappu tour and this year it’s also the fifth anniversary of NESU-Finanssi. Although there had been very little sleep during the week, no one seemed to be tired in the unforgettable evening. Since it was already fourth sitsi party, many organizations had a somewhat confusing proggis. After the party we went to the city centre of Oulu which had went completely crazy as the local team Kärpät had just won the Finnish championship in ice hockey. Consequently, getting in a bar was soon seen as a hopeless idea. Instead, we had a fantastic after party at Finanssi’s guild room which is located at the catacombs at the University of Oulu. Although the tour had been long, a few NESUits continued their tour on Sunday to Kuopio where Preemio had their Wappu sitsi party. After that, Wappu was almost there.

I’d like to thank NESU-SHS, NESU-Boomi, NESU-Waasa and NESU-Finanssi for organizing the great sitsi parties. Thanks also for every participant for making the Wappu tour so amazing!

Now it’s the time to enjoy the summer. But NESUits can’t wait until the autumn, since there are Ruissitsit and the summer cottage upcoming…


Over and out,

Ville Virkkala