Hello all fellow NESUits!


The Conference is getting closer and so does the Union meeting held on Friday the 14th of March at 14.30 at Aalto University School of Business Arkadia (Lapuankatu 2, Room AE-341), Finland. Here’s the agenda for the meeting.


NESU Union meeting Spring 2014 Agenda:


1) Opening the meeting


2) Choosing the chairperson and secretary for the meeting


3) Approval of the Agenda


4) State of the union (the President of NESU)


5) Greetings from NESU Countries (Estonia, Finland, Iceland)


8) Introduction of the Reykjavik Autumn 2014 Conference


9) Choosing the location for the Spring 2015 Conference


11) Other matters


12) Announcements


13) Closing the meeting




Best regards,


Jussi Nieminen