This post is part of our Welcome on Board ’19-’20-series.

This is your new treasurer speaking, welcome on board. Board of NESU Finland ’19-’20.

My name is Aino Laine, a fourth-year student from Enklaavi and originally from the deep forests of Eastern Finland. My personal NESU history started with a bang by being a part of the organizing team for my very first NESU Conference in Autumn 2017, followed by a year in the board of NESU-Enklaavi as a treasurer.

I was able to keep away from NESU responsibilities for a long 8 months due to the inactive character of the Middle European NESU. After returning home from my exchange period in the land of cheap beer last Spring (and after NESU-Prague failing), I was eager to get back to all things nesu. It didn’t take much convincing for me to apply for the next board of NESU Finland, and after dining with our brand new chairman Maija, I was more than sure about my attempt to continue this NESU journey. Exciting things are ahead!

You may rest assured that NESU Finland is in good hands with our eight-handed dream team. ❤

-Aino Laine, Treasurer

Howdy, this calls for Communications ’19-’20!

As a young freshman I never would have thought that performing a proggis alone would be something that I’d be good at. I never knew I would be a chairman emerita of NESU-KY and that at the end of some sits I would say my overalls a goodbye.

I couldn’t have guessed that I would actually lose my songbook at some point, and to think that I’d let my evening be decided by a flip of a coin. Back then it didn’t cross my mind that a Conference Week would be a life-changing experience. Little did I know that Wappurundi would be extremely lit and introduce me to a series of adventures, coincidence?

I think not.

Most people know what it means to communicate or to be in charge of the communications, but let me start with a clarification of those. Cambridge Dictionary (2019) puts it this way: To communicate; to share information with others by speaking, writing, moving your body, or using other signals; to talk about your thoughts and feelings, and help other people to understand them. As a Communications Coordinator in NESU Finland, I plan on mostly focusing on the part of speaking and writing. I can’t promise you any nice dance moves, but of course, if the good people of NESU insist, I can make an attempt. I already have some great Youtube-videos to practice with.

When it comes to the second part of the description of the word ‘communicate’, I’ll be there for you. Even if you are not a Communications Coordinator in one of our wonderful NESU-organizations or an official member of NESU Finland (you can become a member when you attend a Country Meeting of NESU Finland), I always want to know if life gives you guys lemons or strawberries (or both). A human being learns to communicate at the age of  1. Sometimes people tend to forget, how important it is to communicate, but hopefully we in NESU never will.

Keep on communicating with each other! Keep on rocking NESU.

-Heidi Riihimäki, Communications Coordinator