This post is part of our Welcome on Board ’19-’20-series.

What is the new Project coordinator and Vice chairman of NESU Finland ’19 – ‘20 made of?

Hello everyone! My name is Sami Rojo and I am a fourth-year student from Finanssi. Don’t let the number of years I´ve studied fool you for I still got the energy of a freshman! I have been an active member of NESU for quite some time, starting back in Fall of 2016. And boy, what a journey it has been…

When I first heard about NESU and sits-parties during my orientation week back in 2016 I was terrified. The idea of punishments, singing songs and volunteering into a proggises simply gave me chills, which nearly led me skipping our NESU-Finanssi´s Harkkasitsit. What a mistake that would´ve been.

Ever since that day NESU has brought me so much joy, memories and most importantly friends that I´m sure will last for a lifetime! Thus, I am glad to be able to organize the legendary event called “Wappurundi” this upcoming spring as well as continue this journey with you guys.

Furthermore, I can´t wait to see what this year has in store for our amazing board ´19-´20!

– Sami Rojo, Vice Chairman & Project Coordinator

One to go – you got it right, it’s the country representative-time.

My name is Maija Saari and I’m the new country representative and chairman of the NESU Finland board ’19-’20.

I started my studies in 2016 and got right into the world of NESU by becoming the chairman of the NESU-Probba board in 2017. Ever since then I’ve been in all NESU events I’ve been able to, and this organization has truly stolen my heart. It was not a hard decision for me to apply to the NESU Finland board, as it was something I had been thinking about for at least a year. However, due to my exchange studies this was the first year I actually had the time to be in the board if I was chosen.

I’m really excited for this year, and I’m extremely happy with the people I get to work with to make our lovely organization even better. Let’s enjoy the start of yet another year of nesuing around!

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– Maija Saari, Country Representative & Chairman of the Board