Greetings from NESU-Finanssi!

Like for everyone else, this year has been very different for NESU-Finanssi. Despite all the difficulties it has been an extremely fun year for us. At the start of September, we held our traditional freshmen Sitz. These freshmen Sitz were very special because they were the first outdoor ones for us. They took place right outside our Campus in Linnanmaa. Even though we had some technical problems trough the night the Sitz was a huge success. The weather was great (which is quite rare here in Oulu), the outdoor concept worked very well, and most importantly everyone especially the freshmen had a wonderful time!

NESU-Finanssi members also took part in almost all of the other parties in the freshmen week and made sure that all the freshmen get to know about NESU. In Finanssis ”Fuksi suunnistus” the freshmen groups made their way through Oulu and completed various different checkpoints on the way. Of course, we had to be there and test their sitzing skills by having them keep their own Sitz in just about 15 minutes. It was amazing to see how much they still remembered and how excited they were to sitz again. All the groups did very well and the evening was a blast. Afterward, we got lots of feedback that our checkpoint had been the best one <3.

The main event of this spring was going to be the NESU Autumn Conference which was finally coming to Oulu this year. Unfortunately because of the current situation with Covid-19, we can’t organize the event as a traditional week-long conference. It was a very hard decision to make but our wonderful conference team is still considering all the different ways we could celebrate this week safely and keep the NESU spirit high.

Even though this year didn’t go at all how we imagined I think we have done well to make the best out of it. We really hope that we can still organize some fun events this year and if not at least we have a lot of great ideas for when everything goes back to normal. Whenever the next party will be we will make sure that we will party like it is the last one! 

Stay safe and keep the NESU spirit high!
NESU-Finanssi’s board of ’20