Due to the ongoing situation, this fall has been very different to previous ones. Nevertheless, we’ve managed to make the most out of it, and have an amazing time.

We started the fall in August with an exclusive event for our members called Skiftari simulaatio, which included wakeboarding and a cruise-themed sitzparty later in the evening. We were blessed with perfect weather, and it was great to get together with everyone again after the summer.

Soon after that we organized the annual Wapputerde as a part of Aalto’s Wappusimulaattori-week. We closed a whole road in Otaniemi where students got together to celebrate the missed Wappu in interdisciplinary company. We had everything from performers and bouncy castles to open bars and a sauna. Special thanks to NESU-Finland for holding a checkpoint and to other Nesuits for coming and supporting our event!

After the successful “Wappu” weekend, it was time for orientation week. Our days were filled with holding checkpoints and events, meeting new and enthusiastic mursus and introducing NESU-KY to them. We premiered our new promovideo during the orientation week, which you can check out below.

Luckily a bunch of new mursus seemed to enjoy everything that we had put together during the orientation week, and to our surprise there were over two hundred of them queuing for our info evening. During the evening mursus got to know who we are and what we do here at KY. For many it was their first time visiting the legendary Alakertsi, which we had equipped with karakoke, an open bar, snacks and of course great dance music.

Due to the ongoing situation we had to put a lot of thought into how we would organize Harkkasitsit this year. We ended up holding the event twice on following days, so that as many mursus as possible got to experience it. Many have described this as the highlight of their fall so far and we also had a blast organizing it!

We now have 150 mursus, who are attending our weekly meetings and exclusive events, and in about a month we will narrow them down to the ones that will form NESU-KY ’21. It is sad to think that our year is coming to a close, but we are sure that we will leave NESU-KY in good hands.