Happy greetings from (somewhat rainy) Southern Savo!

This autumn has been anything but normal and it has affected our NESU -team’s plans. Sadly, we were unable to organize the Freshmen sitz in September as we normally do every autumn. Luckily we were able to plan a small mini-sitz for the new, potential NESU-Preemio’s members as a part of their annual City Orienteering -event. At least we gave them a little taste of what sitz are all about!

Since our term as a team will soon end and the new team be elected for the year 2021, we hope that we have managed to inspire new Freshmen into NESU-action although the conditions this year were very unusual. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for the next year being more like the ‘good old normal’ so that we can continue to spread our NESU-spirit like we used to.


NESU-Preemio ’20