WHAT: NESU Excursion to Copenhagen, Denmark

WHEN: 26.9.-29.9.2019

WHY: To network with the students of Copenhagen Business School
and advance the internationalization of our union

Maija Saari, Chairman of NESU Finland ‘19-’20:

In the end of September 2019, around 20 nesuits travelled to Copenhagen, Denmark. We had participants from universities in Finland, Estonia, Iceland and Sweden, both those who are still studying as well as some who have already graduated. It was great to see that the excursion gathered together different kinds of nesuits from those with just a little experience with Nesu to those with years of active participation – it was true evidence that Nesu really is for everyone. The Nesu spirit was strong in our group and we were really looking forward to catching up with each other and getting to know new people.

“Despite its awesomeness, Nesu has for long been a peculiar union of Nordic students with just a minority of Nordic countries represented.. So when I heard there were plans to attempt to awaken the Nesu-spirit in Denmark, I was thrilled! And I wasn’t the only one. The rest of the Nordics deserve and need to have some Nesu in their lives! One excursion may not be enough to create Nesu-Denmark but we definitely left our mark on Copenhagen.”

  • Nicholas Stevens, NESU-KY

The excursion started on Thursday when most of the participants arrived in Copenhagen and settled in our hostel. It was a happy reunion with nesuits from different countries and we spent the first evening exploring the city centre and catching up with each other.

Friday was the biggest day of the excursion. During the day, we had an interesting excursion to the Nordea Headquarters in Copenhagen. We had some presentations about the company regarding for example sustainability, and after that we had a tour around the huge building. After the visit in the evening we had the main event of the trip: we had booked a venue for us at the Copenhagen Business School to meet up with the local students. We had our overalls on and our songbooks with us ready to show what Nesu spirit truly means. Unfortunately, there were only a few locals there, but we got some of them to join our spontaneous sitsparty and sing their heart out.

Even though those Danes we met seemed to have a great time, it is safe to say that the evening did not go as planned regarding the number of local students we met. Still, it was really important for our union that we went there and did what we do best which is meeting new people and having fun. And who knows, maybe some of our new Danish friends will look back at the night of singing weird songs in foreign languages and decides they want more of it.

“In my opinion the excursion went well. However, we did not get any Danish applicants to the autumn conference. We do have a contact in Denmark now and hopefully that relationship will develop in the coming year. Overall, it was nice to see that everyone had fun on the excursion and I hope we have more of such events in the future.”

  • Juuli Pekkonen, President of NESU ‘18-19

After Friday we still had the weekend to spend in Copenhagen. On Saturday we participated in this 100 Point Challenge which gave us a great chance to explore the city more closely while completing some fun and interesting tasks. After that some of us went to see a soccer game between FC København and Silkeborg which showed us the true spirit of the local fans when their team won. After that we spent one last great night together with the whole group, and on Sunday it was time to go home.

“The Copenhagen Excursion was a great trip, both academically as well as really entertaining. It was great meeting all the nesuits again and even better to be in a new city. The company visit to Nordea was really interesting, I enjoyed the lectures and of course the tour around the building was exquisite. This excursion was a great experience and I would do it 100% again if I get the chance. I am so thankful that I joined NESU because it has given me the opportunity to travel around the Nordic countries, as well as work with companies that I never would have been able to work with and get to know.”

  • Margrét Brandsdóttir, NESU Iceland

Looking forward for new adventures with NESU!