Greetings from Kuopio! Feels like the whole fall (and the whole year) has lasted only a second. The most memorable moment of the year has definitely been NESU-Dagen, which really kickstarted our year. It took a lot of effort from everyone, but it wa a success and after that organizing sitzparties have felt like a piece of cake.

This fall has been quite busy, for example with teaching new freshmen everything about NESU. It has been really great to see how excited they are and how active everyone has been from the beginning. Some of the freshmen have already had the courage to go to other cities’ sitzparties by themselves, which warms our hearts and implicates good for the upcoming year and the new NESU-team. It is nice to realize how interest and activity towads NESU is growing also in Kuopio. Next week we will have our last NESU-sitzparty of the year, and soon after that it is time to pass the torch to the new team!

With love,
NESU-Preemio ’19