NESU-Probba ’19 has been enjoying the year so far! The summer and autumn have been hectic, but amazing as ever! As some of you probably know, in Mikkeli we study during the summer as well, which is why we had the possibility of hosting a few events during the hot summer days. In addition to our own events, some of us were able to participate in NESU-MÖKSÄ where we truly had a blast!

During the midsummer weekend, we hosted sits on an island without electricity or water. But as you can guess, everything went smoothly because of our outstanding helping hands and NESU-spirit! In late July we hosted Mikkeli’s traditional summer sits, even though the weather was not in our favour. After that it was already time for our orientation week for the freshmen! On the Saturday of said week, the freshmen, second graders, alumni and other special guests came together to celebrate the beginning of the year in the best way possible: with O-Week sits.

Approximately three weeks ago we had our eight sits of the year, the theme being Brexit. It has been great to see many participants also from other NESU-organizations such as from TuKY, Enklaavi and Optimi! We have been lucky to be able to attend their sits as well; we’ve gone to Helsinki, Joensuu, Tampere and Oulu to mention a few cities.

The next sits we’ll be organizing are in a few days, next Tuesday. The whole week is dedicated to our school’s Grand Annual Ball, which is why our sits will carry a theme linked with the celebration. Can’t wait to have a bit of a fancier sits party this time!

Soon after this it will be time to choose the new NESU-Probba board! We’ll tell you more about this on our Facebook and Instagram pages, so make sure to follow us there. 😉 We want to thank you all for making this year the best it could have been. It has been a pleasure to get to know so many new people, and we’ll make sure to keep the NESU-Probba’s spirit alive and well!

Hope to see you at our last sits on December 5th!

With NESU-loooooooooooove,

NESU-Probba ‘19

Picture taken by Veikka Partanen. (IG: @veikkapartanen)