Happy belated Passover!

It’s been a while since the last I had the privilege to write in this blog – especially as a representative of NESU-Waasa. So where should we start?

The year’s been one hell of a ride so far and a learning experience at that. From one meeting to another and from sitz to semma – I’d be lying if I said that it has been easy through and through. Yet here we are, the summer is already upon us and there’s literal light at the end of the tunnel that’s called winter.

Although the spring has had both its ups and its downs, life’s been great.

I’ve matured as a person, met some terrific people, done some dumb things (:D) and made great friends along the way, so to quote my predecessors and as one of our overall badges states, these truly have been the best days of my life. We’ve had the honor of hosting people from all over Finland representing their home organization and even some all the way from Stockholm!
All in all, you could NESU-Waasa ’19 has had more than a successful start for the year and I’m thankful to all of you for that. I’m also especially thankful for the great board that I get to work with and with their combined efforts we’ve managed to overcome all expectations set before us.

I might’ve moved on already to summer pastures, but the nesu-spirit never sleeps and I’m excited to see what the future holds and I hope to see more of every single one of you in the nearby future!

Best regards
Pyry Mustajärvi
Chairman of the board of NESU-Waasa ’19

p.s. I hope to include more of my board in these in the nearby future so here are spring greetings from our communications coordinator, Eeva.

This spring has been amazing for our board and organizing the second sits of Wappurundi was the perfect way to finish it.

I’ve made lots of good memories in all kinds of NESU-events (or at least that’s what my camera roll looks like), and it has been a pleasure to meet so many awesome nesuits.

Currently the board of NESU-Waasa is recovering from some minor injuries and illnesses that we managed to get during Wappurundi, but despite that we are already looking forward to next fall!

— Eeva