First things first – NESU Tallinn is now NESU Estonia! As you may have guessed from that, the year has been a big and different one from what we have previously seen. There has been changes in the system, structure and events. Many administrative aspects have adjusted, and now we are running smoother than ever. When the new board took over, only our treasurer had experience of being a part of the board. Therefore, it was all new and thrilling for the rest of us. Nevertheless, there was much to do and we had the passion to make it happen.

We are already working hard to provide our next freshmen with intriguing and invigorative events. More variety, more participants and improved collaboration. The Autumn is going to be bigger and better than ever before. Hopefully this ensures more active members for us, but also even better participation rate to sits parties in Finland!

The Spring semester was tough for the board. However, with a help from our fellow nesuits, we have been able to enjoy the time of our lives! The best memories are certainly from Wappurundi. Three sits parties in three different cities. What could possibly go wrong? Well, absolutely nothing! There were sunny but cold days in Oulu, crazy pre-parties in Vaasa and a wonderful ending in Tampere. The parties were fabulous, but it was not all about those. The greatest things were spreading wappu –spirit by giving away doughnuts and sima in Kalajoki, and sipping fancy gins in Isokyrö. Those activities left no cities or people cold.

It can be such a cliché, but it is not about the destination, its about the journey. We are forever grateful to be a part of this crazy, loving family of NESU.

NESU Estonia is super excited about upcoming semester already. Before that, the board and active members can be spotted at summer sits parties and enjoying the weather in Tallinn and in Finland.

Have a nice summer and see you around!

With love,

NESU Estonia’s board of ’19