Greetings from NESU-Waasa

May 22, 2022By NESU-WaasaBlog

Summer is finally here! Hopefully, all of you reading this have survived Wappu and the Wappu plague. Our board members are currently enjoying the beginning of summer in different parts of Finland, so we would like to present you with a summary of board ’22 mishaps and entanglements to end this spring and jump-start your … Read More

Hooray for a better tomorrow: NESU-Waasa

December 20, 2021By NESU-WaasaBlog

Hello from Waasa! What an amazing autumn it has been! We have had lots of things to do and it has been a great time. Luckily, we have had the chance to organize many sitzparties and meet new nesuits. New memories have been made and now we have lots of amazing experiences. We have had … Read More

Hooray for a better day: NESU-Waasa

June 6, 2021By NESU-WaasaBlog

Hello from sunny Vaasa!  This whole year has been hard but luckily NESU-Waasa has been able to arrange sitzparties online and get to know each other well. We have been able to meet with our board members many times this year and we feel very happy about that. For this My Day, we decided to … Read More

Welcome to NESU: NESU-Waasa

December 20, 2020By NESU-WaasaBlog

Wow, what a year! The very first freshmen week in Vaasa went by flying and everyone had a good time. On the first day NESU-Waasa got to introduce NESU to all of our lovely new freshmen. We also had a stop at the kampus race of our Universty. We had planned our freshmen sitzparty in … Read More

NESU-Waasa XIX: Signing out

December 11, 2019By NESU-WaasaBlog, Greetings from NESU-organizations

There’s something strange in the air. Maybe it’s all the anticipation for the upcoming holidays and Christmas pleasantries; presents, carols and whatnot. I personally don’t think so. The atmosphere more likely stems from another chapter in the series of NESU’s bizarre adventures coming to an end. There’s something somber, playful and exciting in the air. … Read More

Annual Spring Review from NESU-Waasa

May 8, 2019By NESU-WaasaBlog

Happy belated Passover! It’s been a while since the last I had the privilege to write in this blog – especially as a representative of NESU-Waasa. So where should we start? The year’s been one hell of a ride so far and a learning experience at that. From one meeting to another and from sitz … Read More

Greetings from Waasa

December 11, 2018By NESU-WaasaBlog

Again, a year has passed since NESU-Waasa’s previous blog post. There have been many events during this year. During the year NESU-Waasa has organized seven sitz parties and NESU summer cottage. In addition, we also organized smaller events, for example NESU-Waasa’s “Infoilta”. It has been awesome to see, how the number of students from another … Read More

Greetings from Nesu-Waasa!

December 22, 2017By NESU-WaasaBlog

Since we’re already nearing the end of 2017 it is time to turn our sights towards the approaching 2018. The new board of NESU-Waasa is both excited and eagerly awaiting for the things to come. Thanks to the active class of 2017 we have formed an excellent new NESU-board, and we’ve gained a lot of … Read More


October 17, 2017By NESU-WaasaBlog

Autumn 2017 has rolled in and all is well in sunny Vasa. NESU-Hanken i Vasa has organized its annual sitz and this time the theme was very J.K.Rowling inspired: “Back To Hogwarts”. This time the sitz was at Vasa´s Leipätehdas (Leipis) and even though the venue was slightly smaller than usual, the sitz was a … Read More

NESU-Waasa’s Winter Olympics 18.1.

August 2, 2013By NESU-WaasaBlog

Club Fontana in Vaasa is full of people in strange outfits: tight skiing pants, short figure skating skirts and ice hockey equipment… What can possibly be happening? But when everybody starts making familiar rhythmic sounds and the toastmasters begin to sing Helan går, the answer is clear. It’s the 1940’s Winter Olympics in Germany –themed … Read More