Mikko Salusjärvi, Treasurer

Hi there! My name is Mikko Salusjärvi, also known as Salusmikko. To some of you, I might be familiar as a part of NESU Estonia, but nowadays I am representing the beautiful pearl of West Coast baby! I am a first-year master’s student in Vaasa, but still, you can probably end up meeting me across the country. Where there is an unforgettable event, I’ll be there. 

I started my studies back in 2016 but didn’t become full-on active before the next year when I took part in my first ever ulkkarisitsi. Since then I have been able to participate in a sitsiparty in every single city and country, where NESU is active and accrued a ton of friends, fond memories, and stories for a lifetime. Even so, I still crave for more! 

I feel like it wouldn’t be an overstatement for me to say that I live and breathe by NESU, the sheer significance of the organization (and its people, of course) is one of the highest priorities in my current life, and I would not trade it for anything else.

As some of you math geniuses might be able to calculate, that I haven’t had the most direct path to master’s, I have had a gap year in my studies. In fact, during my gap year, I worked as an accountant in a fellow nesuits family company. Due to this, I have been honored to be the treasurer (pronounced: trsrrr) for the board of NESU Finland ’20-’21. 

Hopefully, we can produce some additional value to Your life during these times, and above everything else, I hope to see you all as soon as possible!


Julius Gran, Country Representative and Chairman of the board

Hello there! It is your new Country Representative here!

As a fourth-year student it is fun to look back to my previous Nesu years. When I, as a young and energetic freshman, took my first steps in next I was amazed by the spirit of Nesu within the people. I fell in love with it and took part in as many events as I could. Little did I know how big a part of my life Nesu could be. After all these Dagens, summer cabins, and conferences I would not be happier to be part of Nesu.

In 2018, the spring of my freshmen year my journey to this point began to get the wind in its sails. I actually was not part of any Nesu board during that time, but it didn’t slow me down. In that year I visited and took part in sits in every Nesu city in Finland and oh that year was a blast. But it left me with a need to do my own part for this organization.

Well, next year I found myself steering the wheel of NESU-Optimi as the chairman. Definitely the best year of my life so far. Of course, mistakes were done but I couldn’t be prouder about what our board did right during the year!

Now, after a half-year break from any Nesu role, I am more than ready to give my energy for our lovely Nesu family as the new chairman of NESU-Finland. It is a shame that we have this unfortunate situation but now it is even more important to keep up your Nesu spirit!