Greetings from NESU-Boomi!

The year has gone past very quickly for us. We have only held two sitz-parties this year, because of the pandemic. However, we were able to organize NESU summer cabin in the beginning of august, which was a success. The weather was great, and everything went as planned.

Now that the fall semester has kicked off, we participated in the the Freshmen weeks, which are called ”Smurf Weeks” here in Tampere. The board of NESU-Boomi attended many events during the freshmen weeks such as Smurf Race and “Kerhomöhinät”, where we introduced NESU to the freshmen. We also organized the first sitzparty of this autumn, themed Oldies but Goldies. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to have any nesuits from other cities there, but at least new freshmen learned what a sitzparty is and everyone seemed to have fun.

This autumn will be obviously different because of the pandemic. We will still organize an evening in Boomilaakso, where we introduce the board of NESU-Boomi for the freshmen and tell a little bit more about what we do here in NESU. Of course, there will be some food too.

And the biggest event for us will obviously be the birthday party of NESU-Boomi! We are turning 15 this year, and we will host a celebration for that 30th of October. The preparation for the event is already running and we are very excited here in NESU-Boomi. We hope to see many of you there!


With lots of love,

NESU-Boomi ’20