This far we’ve had an amazing NESU-autumn here in Tampere! The board of NESU-Boomi has been participating in many events during the “Smurffiviikot”, the first two weeks full of activities for freshmen at the University of Tampere. Sanna (communications coordinator), Annika (secretary and graphic designer) and Reija (alumni coordinator) were tutors and actively told the new students about NESU during the first weeks. Naturally, the new freshmen got to know the other members of the board while having fun in different kinds of activities.

Almost all of the new economics students of Tampere became members of NESU-Boomi in the beginning of the “Smurffiviikot” when the freshmen bought tickets to their first sitzparty. Before the Fantasy –themed sistzparty, NESU-Boomi was represented on a student association day and the Tampere tour –day. In addition, Elise (sitz coordinator), Heidi (corporate relations) and Santeri (treasurer) took part in NESU-PorKy’s sitzparty and made our NESU union known in Pori.

On the 5th of September we organized our first sitzparty of the autumn. Tens of unicorns, fairies, wizards and even a few fantasy pizzas gathered around the long tables of Messukylä. NESUits from Jyväskylä, Oulu, Joensuu, Vaasa, Lappeenranta and Helsinki enjoyed the evening and showed the beginners how to sitz. The following day NESU-Finanssi had its own sitzparty where Elise represented NESU-Boomi.

After two weeks of different activities we organized information night for our new members. There seems to be a noticeable interest towards NESU here in Tampere for which we are very pleased. Furthermore, brave freshmen have already been to sitzparties outside of Tampere; this week three freshmen visited NESU-Lappeenranta’s sitzparty. On the 4th of October more than 60 members of NESU-Boomi, most of whom freshmen, will go to Jyväskylä and Pori, and they are looking forward to getting to know many NESUits around Finland. Also the Autumn Conference has arisen interest among the new members of NESU-Boomi.

Our eventful autumn will include countless amount of sitzparties in other NESU cities. We’ll also have two more NESU-sitz here in Tampere, the first one is already on the 24th of October. In addition, we have created a new concept called “Sleep over” which will be organized in November. Hopefully we’ll see you in the Autumn Conference and many sitz parties!

With love,

NESU-Boomi ‘17