Hi All NESU members,

Last but not least, it is my turn to write about my year as a member of NESU Finland board 16-17. First and utmost, I would like to briefly present myself.

My name is Henrietta Anttonen from Hanken, and I have had a wonderful journey in NESU – starting from NESU–HiV during bachelor studies and now being a part of NESU–SHS and NESU Finland. This journey has included board member posts, vice chairman, chairman and currently the post as treasurer of Finland. Being active within this organization has given me friends and unforgettable experiences so I were glad to apply for the board last summer at kesämöksä.

During this year, my main responsibilities has been to take care of our financials. Our board worked together also on projections and a saving plan in order to execute the incoming songbook project, which we succeeded in. Furthermore, I worked quite closely with the songbook team as they collected sponsor money and required billing which I took care of. We also arranged two Case competitions together with NESU-Boomi and NESU-Enklaavi which needed financial planning and billing. Moreover, biannually (dagenit and möksä), I have prepared a financial statement to present to you NESUits how we are doing. My final tasks will be to create a final statement of the whole year and to prep my successor (who could be you!) for the incoming year.

All in all, the year has included various activities, laughs and sometimes a bit busier schedule. It has still been all worth it. As Pipsa also mentioned, being a part of this board gives you a chance to also develop and organize events. In case you are interested about the tasks of the treasurer, do not hesitate to contact me on Facebook or come and talk to me at kesämöksä J

Yours sincerely,