Is it really October already? The time really has flown here in Oulu and us at the NESU-Finanssi board have been super busy with organizing events and introducing our freshmen to everything NESU has to offer. This autumn we will have total of two NESU sitsparties, but that is not all – we have tried our best to show people that NESU is more than just these academic table feasts. (Even though that is what we do best, right?) Nowadays we have many other very interesting event concepts here in Oulu where our fellow students can get to know each other and have fun in a laid-back atmosphere.

Our newest creation, NESU-Finanssi’s Harness Racing Spectacle, started Finanssi ry’s annual ball celebrations and was an instant success. On a windy October Monday we spent an afternoon in a racetrack with 20 fellow students, touring around stables, hearing about horse racing, learning how to do Totepool betting and then putting these new skills to action while watching the races. We were so happy with all the positive feedback we got, and we can not wait to see what the future holds for this concept!

One of our more traditional events, wine tasting, was also part of our annual ball week. We gathered 30 wannabe-sommeliers to socialize, enjoy cheeses and learn about quality wines from a local specialist. It really can be fun to switch your overalls to something fancier and spend a night with something little classier than our basic tap beers and schnapps – we truly had an exquisite evening!

Next week we will organize a Crash Team Racing cup with our Kylli (local The Finnish Busiess School Graduates contact person). It’s a relaxed yet speedy gathering at our guild room with 32 students racing each other in this every 90s child’s favourite  video game. The winner will be crowned the CTR champion of Finanssi and receive a trophy to celebrate it. And of course all students are welcome to come and enjoy snacks while cheering their friends to victory!

So all in all, we all love to sits –  but we also really value our other events because they make it possible to reach out for those students who do not feel that sitsparties are their thing. We really think that NESU belongs to everybody and hope to see even more creative new event concepts all over Finland in the future.


NESU-Finanssi ’17 wishes everyone a great autumn – maybe we will see you on our last sitsparty on 18th of November!