It was finally time to end the longest Christmas holiday I’ve ever had and start the ordinary schoolwork again. However, before that, it was time to kick off the 2013 sits season as NESU-Finanssi’s first sits party of the year took place in Oulu. Nine fresh NESU-KY’013 members, including the new board, took a train to Oulu and even though the first train broke down somewhere in Ostrobothnia, everyone was present in time.

Two buses packed full of cheerful NESU-members from several Finnish NESU-cities left Oulu at 17.30 on Saturday night and headed north to the countryside. After half an hour in the bus, without any baby jokes, we arrived in Kello-village in Haukipudas, where the sits party was arranged in some kind of workers’ house or nuorisoseura. However, the house proved to be a good venue for a sits party. Something that made the organizers extremely happy was the great number of people from other cities: Boomi, HiV, SHS, Waasa and Pörssi along with KY were all represented, Waasa and Pörssi with multiple participants.

The theme of the party was neon colors, but the main thing was to celebrate the new board of NESU-Finanssi. The new chairman Anni Seiteri was toasting for her first time along with the old vice chairman and the hairy-chested president of NESU, Pekka Lounila. Not going to any particular details, the atmosphere of the sits party was really good, everything went smooth and there wasn’t actually anything to whine about.

For the after-party we returned to Oulu and the popular student bar Kaarlenholvi. The bar was soon fully crowded and at three o’clock there was still a ten meter line outside waiting to get in. Again, not going to details, I somehow ended up watching a Harry Potter movie at five o’clock in the morning, which is something I strongly recommend for everyone. Our train to Helsinki left Oulu at 6.30 next morning and after sleeping a couple hours in the train we decided to delight some fellow travelers, a policewoman and some little kids (one of them saying Ville Vahteri was his father) with some songs like “Aqua Vera” and “Ajetaan me rautateitä”.

Thanks for NESU-Finanssi’s people who put up a good party. This was a great start for a great year.

Juho Paavola, NESU-KY’013