Last Thursday we packed our bags and headed to Turku for a sitsi party. We had a bunch of walruses and a couple of golden oldies with us. After making a few extra stops and defeating the freezing weather, we finally made it all the way to Parkki, which was the venue of the party.

We sat down at the geek tables, which, for once, were the “cool” tables since the theme of the party was larping geeks. After seeing the toastmasters’ entertaining kick-off show, we realized it’s actually possible to get stuck in a video game and sing Helangår to the Super Mario theme song (you had to be there).

We had a blast at the sitsi party and we were honored to be the first ones to present our well-prepared show. Of course, we didn’t come empty-handed so we brought some generous presents to our hosts (we are still not sure if that microphone is actually working but we are positive that the butter is really tasty…). We were not the only ones who had a spectacular show: Tallinn had prepared us a surprisingly good poem, Pori arranged us a little confusing, but entertaining plays, and Hanken revealed which ones of us were the true nerds.

Fortunately, we didn’t have to wait for the ungodly morning hours until we got to experience the Harry Potter spirit. Seeing the lighting scarred foreheads was just the beginning. As the evening went on each of the four sitsi tables found their inner house of Hogwarts and tried to prove their awesomeness – by yelling, of course.

The food was the usual gourmet quality and the interdisciplinary after party wasn’t bad either! There was a large variety of overall colors and therefore it was a great chance for us to get to know students from different fields of study. Not to go into detail, we had tons of fun and we thank Turku for hosting us the nerdiest party of the year!

– Sanni Hoikkala & Veera Soini