NESU-KY started its sitsi year earlier this week. It was not only the NESU-KY’s first sitsi party of the year, but also the first sitsi party arranged completely by NESU-KY ‘013. So naturally the stakes were high, and we did not want to mess this up.

The sitsi party was for NESU-KY members only, so the guests were all from previous NESU years. The idea of the ‘active members’ practice sitsi party’ is to make sure that the new active year knows everything there is to know about sitsi parties, and this time wasn’t any different – the older NESU members were happy to help us get on the right track.

Of course, before we could have the sitsi party itself, there were some arrangements to be made. And that is why the active year ‘013 was present already at noon that day. We had some work to do: Food, drinks, tables, decorations, music… It all had to perfect, and all about 50 of us made sure it was. And may I say: I think we did darn good work.

Once everything was set up and all the guests had arrived, the sitsi party was ready to start. We didn’t exactly know what to expect, especially since it’s known that the older NESU-KY members aren’t afraid to share their opinions, and they don’t usually go beating around the bushes either. But we were happy to notice that they really wanted us to learn all the little tricks, and taught us in a warm and laidback way. And a shout out to our toastmasters Aku-Jaakko and Miro (with an accent over o): I don’t think you left anybody cold with your performance, even if it was a little confusing at times.

After the record breaking active members’ practice sitsi party (140 participants in total!) I think we all feel a little more confident. Everything went smoothly and we have gotten some good feedback. And even I was surprised how fast we were able to pick up the trash and get new food and drinks on the tables during the breaks. This was a good start for our year and I sure as hell hope Jens was wrong when saying it’s all downhill from here on!

– Veera Soini, NESU-KY’013