Greetings Nesuits and a warm welcome from us here in NESU-Boomi for the new semester! Our fall has started with a rapid pace, as per usual. We have been participating in various different events partly as organizers and partly through those we managed to inform and educate our new freshmen about NESU. We awoke a lot of curiousness and managed to sell out our semester’s first sitsi!

We also collaborated with NESU-JKL (located in Jyväskylä) to give a glimpse of our sitsi culture for their freshmen and managed to fit a full busload of new Nesuits to our sitsiparty. This has been a tradition between our organizations and it has proven to be a great concept to introduce the habit of “ulkkarisits” to the new students. According to the plan we “swapped” spots with them so that when the time comes for the NESU-JKL’s first sitsi of the semester, we will send out our own delegation of NESU-Boomi freshmen to experience their sitsiparties.

When it comes to our freshmen sitsi, it was a tremendous success! Even with a whopping 270 participants, around 190 of them being freshmen, we managed to create a great experience for everybody. Our freshmen’s feedback was purely positive and we are expecting a high participation rate in our events throughout this academic year.

As most of you might have already noticed, NESU-Boomi is responsible for organizing the NESU Conference this autumn. Our organizing team consists of experience and eagerness so the week is going to be epic. We are strongly recommending to apply as soon as possible; this is something that you do not want to miss! The application process is underway and will end on the 29th of September. For further information about the conference, make sure to follow our social media, the conference’s own Instagram account under the username “nesuconference”.

Hopefully you will enjoy your autumn and we will see you all in the upcoming events around Tampere and the rest of the map!

With the warmest regards,

NESU Boomi H’19