Hello dear NESUits around the Nordics and greetings from Lappeenranta. The Autumn season has arrived, overalls are smelling horrible again and as NESU-Boomi wrote last week, the freshman weeks have also happened here in the east.

The board of NESU-Enklaavi was hyped about the newcomers, and we were extremely active and participated in many events during the two weeks. This years freshmen are active and clearly we managed to get the message of NESU through, since four of our freshmen went and represented us in NESU-Tallinn’s Virgin-sits party last friday.

We organised our CHICKEN-themed freshman sits-party the 12th of September. The first person to arrive for the ticket sale (organized at 8 am), arrived 3.20am, and the tickets were sold out. The sits party was a success, since freshmen got to know the songs and the mellansoups by heart. We hope that many of the freshmen got excited about NESU and will join us to the sits parties in other cities. Oh and by the way, our next sits party will be organized the 16th of October.. get ready.

This week we celebrated the 27th annual ball of Enklaavi ry, our beloved student association. The whole week was held with awesome events, and the great ball was excellent (not to mention the herring breakfast), and we had such a great time. It was also great to see the beauty of NESU on the ball and herring breakfast, since there were so many familiar faces from other cities, for example from Vaasa, Oulu, Jyväskylä and Turku, celebrating among the members of Enklaavi. Thank you to the board of Enklaavi for this week!

The NESU Autumn Conference is also coming up, and we are super excited and hyped (and also relieved that it is not happening in Lappeenranta/Tallinn this time) already. This year we have 11 members flying all the way to Reykjavik to the conference week, with 4 conference virgins on the board as well. One could say that the NESU hype is continuously growing here in Lappeenranta, and we couldn’t be happier.

Overall, the autumn has started great here, and our board is ready for it. See you all at our sits party the 16th of October in our beloved Kellari! :*