It was a dark and stormy night in spring 2018… Alright, let’s admit it – it was not stormy but fuzzy? Definitely.

After that crucial night at NESU-SHS’s sitzparty, we, Hebsters, came up with an idea: we should do this more often, we should get more people involved, we should do this as HEBS. On another night, after a sip or two, we contacted Noora, the country representative of NESU Finland at the time and asked, ”Where do we sign up?”

Well, a few months, a couple of emails and one loong phone call later, we are now finally ready to introduce the very new, very pure, NESU-HEBS!

Most of you probably wonder what HEBS is? Let me tell you! HEBS is the student organisation of Estonian Business School in Helsinki and in the past, we were part of NESU Tallinn. In fact, we still are but from now on we operate as an individual suborganisation under them. HEBS was founded in 2012, a year after EBS Helsinki and has continued its victorious growth ever since. We have approximately 300 students in EBS Helsinki campus and our school premises lies in Technopolis Ruoholahti. NESU-HEBS functions as a committee under HEBS ry Executive Board and works closely together HEBS’s Cultural Committee which is in charge of HEBS’s events. Thanks to the Cultural Committee, our sitztradition was recreated this year and from now on, HEBS’s sitzparties will be NESU-HEBS sitz!

Speaking of which, NESU-HEBS warmly welcomes all the Nesuits around Finland and Estonia to our very first NESU-HEBS sitzparty on Nov 10th! More info coming soon but meanwhile, make sure to follow HEBS on Facebook and Instagram and check our new website!

The NESU-HEBS Board 2018 is looking forward meeting you all during the autumn!

With Hebsellent regards,

Anu Tasanto

Timo Kortelainen

Suvi Vanha-Honko
Communications Coordinator

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