Greetings from NESU-Enklaavi

February 11, 2019By NESU-EnklaaviBlog

After an eventful year 2018 it was time to say goodbye to our beloved NESU-board 2018, and welcome the new board of 2019! ”The beginning of the year has been full of getting to know things: we´ve gotten to know how NESU really works, our own roles within the board, other NESU-boards as well as … Read More

Greetings from Lappeenranta!

September 23, 2018By NESU-EnklaaviBlog

Hello dear NESUits around the Nordics and greetings from Lappeenranta. The Autumn season has arrived, overalls are smelling horrible again and as NESU-Boomi wrote last week, the freshman weeks have also happened here in the east. The board of NESU-Enklaavi was hyped about the newcomers, and we were extremely active and participated in many events … Read More

Making the impossible – NESU Autumn Conference 2017

December 30, 2017By NESU-EnklaaviBlog

This autumn history was made in Lappeenranta when NESU Conference landed there for the first time. NESU-Enklaavi and NESU Tallinn joined their forces and organized the Conference between two countries. Many people have probably at least heard about this, but especially because it wasn’t possible to apply to participate to this Conference from organizing cities, … Read More

NESU Autumn Conference 2017: Behind the scenes

October 4, 2017By NESU-EnklaaviBlog

The autumn has been busy in Lappeenranta. A couple of weeks ago we had our jungle-themed freshmen sits party, and this week we made a new record when we managed to get 50 people from Enklaavi to the NESU-Probba’s Oktoberfest-sits. Yet our biggest event of this autumn is coming: the NESU Autumn Conference 2017. For … Read More