Welcome to NESU: NESU-Enklaavi

Hello, sunshine! We are already well into 2020 and a lot has happened. For us, the most significant event of the autumn has been our Freshmen sitz party, which crowned the entire Freshmen weeks!

At first, we had a dream of Freshmen sitz under tents. Even though the weather was poor, and the tents were a nasty piece of work, we got through the obstacles together with help from other nesuits and managed to have an awesome sitz party evening! We showed the freshmen what NESU really is made from.

In addition, we took part in many Freshmen week events and spread the happy message of NESU. One of the most memorable event was Academic Adventure a.k.a “AA”, where we got to see unique techniques to fill a bottle without hands together, with people jumping into Lake Saimaa just to get a good picture.


It was very important for us to let the new students know what NESU is right from the start. And we are happy to say that the freshmen liked us as much as we liked them! Also, we finally got to paint our logo to the legendary Punkkerimäki. It is a tradition that during Wappu every guild paint their logo there, but because of the pandemic the painting happened this autumn. Now many students see our logo daily as they walk along the Punkkerimäki!

This autumn has obviously been very different than any other due to COVID-19. However, we have been very lucky that we have had the opportunity to organize sitzs both in spring and autumn. Let’s wish for the best and hope that there still will be a sitz party at our legendary Kellari one more time this year! Hope to see you all soon!

With loooooove NESU-Enklaavi ’20 <3