After an eventful year 2018 it was time to say goodbye to our beloved NESU-board 2018, and welcome the new board of 2019!

”The beginning of the year has been full of getting to know things: we´ve gotten to know how NESU really works, our own roles within the board, other NESU-boards as well as our own, and most importantly, the organizing of sitsparties.  We´re in a good place to start making this the best NESU-year possible, guided by the previous years!” – Marko, chairman of the board, NESU-Enklaavi ry.

This far the new year has been full of different events; the NESU-Dagen, organized by NESU-Preemio, was an amazing way to kick off the NESU-year and definitely an event to remember. We got to know nesuits from all over Finland (and Tallinn, of course) and got to discuss many interesting ideas with them, in between and during the constant parties, of course.

We also had our first sits, “Come as you aren´t” -sits in January. It was interesting to have our very first sits in the first weeks of officially being the new NESU-Enklaavi -board, but we tried our best and the sits turned out quite successful! Of course there were a few bumps in the road; our overall badges for the sits arrived just a few hours before the sits, so needless to say we were pretty worried about them not arriving in time. Luckily, we avoided the disaster, and after that everything went smoothly with the sits.

We´ve already started planning our next sits, which will be “Bring your friend” -sits. These have been highly requested by members of Enklaavi, as everyone wants a chance to show their friends how things go down at genuine NESU-sits! For these sits we´ve decided to raise the bar when it comes to the afterparty, and we have some very special plans to make the night unforgettable, especially for the friends of Enklaavi members attending the sits.

We´ve also discussed with the Enklaavi-board to have closer cooperation this year, and we´re working on making NESU-Enklaavi more visible within Enklaavi´s events and vice versa. Thanks to us appearing in different events organized by Enklaavi, we have lots of things planned for the spring in addition to our sits. Of course we also plan to visit as many sits of different NESU-cities as we possibly can! We´re hoping to see our fellow nesuits at different events and enjoy the coming year as much as we can!

Samling, skit, skål,

NESU-Enklaavi ’19