Hello there fellow NESU-organizations! Since year 2018 has passed by, it is time to kick out the old dusty NESU-committee ´18 and start with fresh faces of NESU-Finanssi ´19!

We already held our very first NESU-sitzparties themed “Siberia” in the beginning of February, which helped our committee to understand their roles and the true meaning of NESU. And make no mistake, we had plenty of fun – apart from the kitchen fire -disaster – thanks to the 40 nesuists from 13 different organizations! We can´t wait to meet you again in March! We would also like to thank NESU-Preemio for hosting the NESU-Dagen in Kuopio in early January, what a marvelous job they did!

Although we already held the first sitz of the year, there is still work-to-be done with getting to know NESU and understanding our own specific roles within the committee. Even so we feel that we have nothing to worry about because we can always count on our own dear NESU-chairman Sami, who has been with NESU-Finanssi since 2017, and has plenty of experience when it comes to arranging sitz´.

Our spring will be quite busy this year, seen as we have a total of six sitzparties to arrange, three of them being NESU-sitz. Even so we´re very honored to be able to host the first sitzparties of Wappurundi 2019, which to some of us is the highlight of whole Vappu. It will be a hectic time for our committee to arrange three sitzparties within two weeks of each other, but we couldn´t be more excited about it.

In addition to that we also have a busy autumn since we have another six sitzparties there as well. This year will mark the 10th anniversary of NESU-Finanssi, which means that we´ll be having a special annual sitzparty in November 16th. It´s something we work on all year and it´ll be the highlight of our year for sure! At the moment we´re working on finding a biggest place possibly to hold the event in, so that as many nesuits can attend ?.

With northern regards,

NESU-Finanssi ´19