Tervist NESUits!

What a semester begin it has been!

After a five month break from organizing any events, together with other student organizations of Tallinn, we welcomed freshmen to the student life with unforgettable Freshers’ Month.
In the summer our board got together for our very own Kesämöksä to prepare for the month and be ready to do quick changes in these unsteady times. Seems like something was done right, as we got to have our legendary Virgin Sits with great success. It was lovely to welcome few ulkkari friends as well and properly introduce NESU to the new freshmen. Even with the current situation, we have seen enthusiastic vibes and sensed the NESU spirit spreading.

The long awaited and anticipated 10th birthday of NESU Estonia is here in few months. There were big plans to celebrate this milestone with friends from along the way, but unusual times call for unusual solutions.

Although this year has not been how we planned it to be in the beginning of the year, without a doubt it has been a learning experience. A lot of creativity and problem solution has been practiced during the last months. We’ve come up with new event concepts and company partnerships that would not have happened if it wasn’t for having to think outside of the box. Although the eventful Freshers’ Month is over, it is only a start for a great year.

We can’t wait for our new friends to get their orange beauties and hopefully soon to be able to show them other NESU cities!

With love,
NESU Estonia’s board of ’20