Greetings From NESU-Estonia

March 6, 2022By NESU EstoniaBlog

Greetings from NESU-Estonia! Our year started with a trip to Himos where we celebrated the change of boards with the old and new members of NESU-Estonia. Ever since then, our new board has been very busy planning different kinds of fun events. Unfortunately, the restrictions in Estonia are quite strict at the moment so we’ve … Read More

Hooray for a better tomorrow: NESU Estonia

October 3, 2021By NESU EstoniaBlog

Greetings from Tallinn! NESU Estonia is doing super well here and the first month of the academic year has went by so quickly that we almost didn´t notice that it is already over. We have had so much to do lately because September is traditionally the Fresher´s Month here in Tallinn. We have been busy … Read More

Welcome to NESU: NESU-Estonia

October 4, 2020By NESU EstoniaBlog

Tervist NESUits! What a semester begin it has been! After a five month break from organizing any events, together with other student organizations of Tallinn, we welcomed freshmen to the student life with unforgettable Freshers’ Month. In the summer our board got together for our very own Kesämöksä to prepare for the month and be … Read More

Greetings from NESU Estonia!

June 17, 2019By NESU EstoniaBlog

Tere! First things first – NESU Tallinn is now NESU Estonia! As you may have guessed from that, the year has been a big and different one from what we have previously seen. There has been changes in the system, structure and events. Many administrative aspects have adjusted, and now we are running smoother than … Read More

Greetings from Tallinn

December 17, 2018By NESU EstoniaBlog

This year has been again a very eventful one for NESU Tallinn. We have arranged several sits parties and other kinds of events with the different student organizations of Tallinn, ranging from pub crawls to billiard nights and recruitment evenings with partnering firms. Throughout the year NESU Tallinn has had a strong representation in different … Read More