Greetings from NESU-Estonia!

Our year started with a trip to Himos where we celebrated the change of boards with the old and new members of NESU-Estonia. Ever since then, our new board has been very busy planning different kinds of fun events. Unfortunately, the restrictions in Estonia are quite strict at the moment so we’ve had to postpone some events. But we’re hoping for the best, and for example, Beach Event and sitzparties are being planned! 

Old and new NESU-Estonia members in Himos

In February, we had the pleasure of organizing Winter Wilderness with two other organizations in Tallinn. We had a good time with great people. We got to enjoy the winter weather and play fun games. 

We also got the opportunity to do an excursion at Sori Brewing. So, this past Saturday, our board and a bunch of students got to talk about business and get to know the background and operations of the company. 

We have received a lot of awesome sits invitations from the other NESU cities and hopefully, you’ll also be able to attend our upcoming events very shortly! We would like to remind you that the NESU Spring Conference will take place in Tallinn!! We have a great team organizing this event here and hope to see many of you this spring.

Board of 2022

So now, we are focusing on upcoming events. Our board wishes you a happy and eventful spring!

Best regards to all,