Greetings From Oulu!

Our year started with New Year, New Me -sits party, which was supposed to be a normal event but because of the pandemic situation we decided to hold the event via Zoom. We did our best to adapt the concept to suit the online environment the best way possible – and the sits party was a success. Among Finanssi students, there were over a hundred students from other NESU cities taking part in our sits party! And after the party we received a lot of positive feedback. Of course, it would have been much more fun to hold this event normally, but isn’t it part of the pandemic that we find new ways to do things?

Our start with the fresh board of 2022 has been fruitful. We have already had multiple meetings both in person and remote and we have planned many exciting events for the upcoming spring season, for example, our Kings & Queens -sits party at the end of the month.

We also organize every sits party held by Finanssi and one of them has been the Dynamic Duo -buddysits last week. We got to arrange a normal sits party for the first time with this board and the event was a huge success. Still, we can’t wait for the upcoming sits party where we can free the NESU spirit in Oulu!

Sun is shining and so is NESU!

With kind regards,

NESU-Finanssi ‘22